Henry Lion Oldie


  • Sir Henry Lion Oldie, a Kharkov Gentleman
    All Ukrainian science fiction and fantasy fans held their breath, waiting to hear who would be named as Europe’s best author at Eurocon, the annual science fiction convention. A moment later, they chanted in enthusiasm: “Oldie! Oldie!”
    It seems that the excitement of last year’s triumph of Marina and Sergey Dyachenko is still in the air as Sir Henry Lion Oldie, which is a joint penname of Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky, has again proved to the world that Ukrainian soil still has the legendary fertility to produce writers.
    However, this victory was not unexpected. Oldie had already collected a number of prizes at various competitions and topped quite a few book reviews and hit parades.
    Not all readers can read as fast as Oldie writes. By now more than 100 books by this duo are available to readers, including translations and republications, with the total number of copies topping one million! And yet this gentleman from Kharkov does not even think about rest in gone his oars...
  • Interview with H. L. Oldie by Irina Mashek
    The best fiction writers of Europe, Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky are, two Ukrainian authors and the laureates of numerous literary prizes. Writing under one pseudonym, they are better known to their readers as Henry Lion Oldie.
    The International European convention of science fiction "Eurocon" attended by delegates of 22 countries named Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky the best fiction writers of Europe-2006.
  • Global & Local Diversity in Books by Henry Lion Oldie (from Ailsa (Bookworm4life) book / literary blog)
    As to our minds, diversity in books writing subdivides into “global” diversity (in different author’s books) and “local” diversity (in the one author’s book). And from another side, diversity has two different aspects: creative and commercial.