Henry Lion Oldie



New book trailer (sorry, in Russian only - but video is an international language!) to Henry Lion Oldie's new book “Sherlock Holmes vs. Martians”:

The book is coming soon, at the end of August 2014, in Russian, in "Azbooka" Publisher (“Azbooka-Atticus” Publishing Group), Russia, St. Petersburg. It’s a kind of our tribute and great respect to Arthur Conan Doyle and Herbert George Wells and their books. Mashup, steampunk, science fiction, time travels, detective, alternate history, literary fiction and some irony.

Some illustrations from the previous illustrators' competition, some inside black-white illustrations by Yuri Platov, the cover of “Sherlock Holmes vs. Martians” by Sergey Shikin and some real black-white 1900's photos of British town Maldon (Essex) have been used in book trailer by Bronya Gromova.