Henry Lion Oldie



The Way of the 
SwordMeet the new edition of Henry Lion Oldie's fantasy novel "The Way of the Sword"! The book is out of print in Russian. ("Azbooka" – "Azbooka-Atticus" Publisher, Russia, St. Petersburg, 2014) Book cover by Sergey Shikin (Russia), inside black-white illustrations by Vladimir Bondar (Ukraine).

This is the 15th edition (re-print) of "The Way of the Sword" novel! This novel has been published in 5 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, French, Polish and Czech. This year is 20th anniversary of "The Way of the Sword": the novel has been written in 1994.
See the jubilee book trailer (in Russian) by Sergey Gromov (son of Dmitry Gromov, 1/2 of H. L. Oldie) to "The Way of the Sword" novel: