Henry Lion Oldie



The Hand and The Mirror"An Island that Is Always with You", the 10th novelette from novel-cycle “The Songs of Peter Sliadek” by Henry Lion Oldie is now available on Amazon and Smashwords! Historical adventure and poetic fantasy, horror, demons, Hell, some irony; Medieval Europe. 17,360 words, $0,99 only!

Hans Erzner was a servant of the cruel sorcerer, Baron von Hornberg. After his master’s death, Hans takes the baron’s iron hand and finds himself in hell.

"The Hand and The Mirror" is the novelette from the book “The Songs of Peter Sliadek” by Henry Lion Oldie. The entire novel consists of 12 novelettes. The book received the "Sigma-F" Grand Prize at "Sigma-F Conference" in Moscow, Russia, in 2005. 8 hard cover editions are in Russian! Now for the first time in English!