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10 Temptations"10 Temptations". The collection of articles about fantastic literature by H. L. Oldie is out of print in Russian. Special collectors’ edition.


Triumvirate"Triumvirate" book by Yulia Andreeva is out of print in Russian.

The artistic biographies of the writers Henry Lion Oldie, Andrey Valentinov, Marina and Sergey Dyachenko.
The book-trailer in English:


50 years ago, march 30, 1963, Dmitry Gromov (one of “H. L. Oldie” co-authors) was born.

Happy Birthday to Dmitry!

Please look the jubilee video-clip (in Russian). Welcome!


Andrey Valentinov, H. L. Oldie’s friend and co-author in books “We are to Live Here”, “The Boundary”, “The Pentacle”, “Shooter” and “Alumen” is nominated for the Best Author at current Eurocon (April 2013, Kiev, Ukraine).

The video presentation of Andrey Valentinov (in English):


50 years ago, march 23, 1963, Oleg Ladyzhensky (one of “H. L. Oldie” co-authors) was born.

Happy Birthday to Oleg!

Please look the jubilee video-clip (in Russian). Welcome!


Welcome to the official new website of Henry Lion Oldie (Oleg Ladyzhensky and Dmitry Gromov) for English-speaking readers!


November 13, 2012 Oldie celebrated their 22nd birthday! November 13, 1990 the co-authors wrote their first short story "Love for Movies to the Grave".


Please look a trailer for Oldie's new novel "THE CYCLOPS", which was published in Russian:

The two books are:

  1. "The Cyclops"; Book 1: Monsters Were Kind to Me (novel, vol. 1, 2012). (About 89,000 words).
  2. "The Cyclops"; Book 2: The King of Stones (novel, vol. 2, 2012). (About 89,500 words).


Oldie now has accounts on both Smashwords and Amazon where you can purchase Oldie's short stories in English, French, Spanish, Polish and Lithuanian and also buy Oldie's novels and novelettes in Russian.


Two volumes of Oldie's novel "La Loi des Mages" ("MAGIOSI") were translated from Russian into French and published by "Mnemos", France.
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