Henry Lion Oldie


"A Djinni Named Conscience" (the 3rd novelette from novel-cycle “The Songs of Peter Sliadek”)
Historic adventure poetic fantasy; Medieval Europe
12100 words

Jammal, a merchant, bought a gold plate for one of his wives, but the wife did something wrong. In anger, Jammal threw the plate into the burning hearth. The plate was a magical object imprisoning Abd-al-Rashid, a djinni. The djinni broke free. He repaid the merchant for releasing him by becoming Jammal’s conscience. From that day on, whatever the merchant did, the incorruptible Conscience stood behind his left shoulder.

A DJINNI NAMED CONSCIENCE is the 3rd novelette from the book “The Songs of Peter Sliadek” by Henry Lion Oldie. The entire novel consists of 12 novelettes. The book received the "Sigma-F" Grand Prize at "Sigma-F Conference" in Moscow, Russia, in 2005. 8 hard cover editions are in Russian! Now for the first time in English!

Translators: Irena Pevzner, Michael Pevzner (Israel)
Editor: Melissa Bikichky (USA)
Proofreaders: Katrina Haritos (USA), Anna Kimaeva, Ekaterina Kimaeva (Canada)
Cover painting: Vladimir Bondar (Ukraine)
Cover design: Bronya Gromova (Ukraine)
Book trailer: Bronya Gromova (Ukraine)